About Us

We spent the summer of 1997 on the Cheyenne River Reservation as part of a YMCA leadership and service program that ran a daycare in Cherry Creek and White Horse, and built a playground in La Plant.   Zoe remained interested in children’s education and the conditions surrounding urban Native American children; in 2000 she worked as the co-director of a summer program in collaboration with the North American Indian Center of Boston. This led to a continuing after-school program. In 2009, Annie’s advanced studio project at GSAPP proposed using stimulus money to revitalize the local economy on the Pine Ridge Reservation by installing wind power infrastructure and wind engineering education facilities.

At the end of our  three years of advanced architectural studies at Columbia University, we recognized a dearth of discussion, information and awareness about the present day reservations in the United States.  Issues of spatial politics, border conditions and human rights were discussed in relation to underdeveloped nations, camps and extra-territorial spaces outside of the United States, but literature discussing the complex reservation boundary conditions and underdevelopment within US borders was lacking.  We proposed Post-Reservation as a contribution to a body of research looking at present conditions on US reservations, with the goal of  sparking dialogue to generate innovative ideas for the future.

Our CVs:

Annie Coombs

Zoe Malliaros